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Yucatan peninsula is known not only for its nice beaches but also as the centre of Maya culture. To the most interesting ancient Maya cities belong Chichen Itzá and Palenque in Mexico and Tikal in Guatemala.


The beaches around Tulum are a favourite
traveller destination.
Chichen Itza

Temple of Kukulcan in Chichen Itzá from
10th ct. is a masterpiece of Maya architecture.

"Tzompantli" s a stone platform on which
heads of sacrificed people were exhibited.
The sides are decorated with skulls on stakes.

Sumidero is a nearly 2000 m deep gorge.

Royal palace in Palenque dates from the 7th ct.
The tower in the middle served as observatory.

Relief of King Pakal II., 7th ct.

Mask representing a god is often architectural motif.
Here on the side of the royal palace in Tikal.


Thin, tall pyramids are typical
for temples in Tikal.

Masks on the Indio-market in
Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

Antigua in Guatemala is a nice ancient
colonial town.


On the market in Chichicastenago.

Public transport, Guatemala.

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