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North Pakistan

Every visitor of North Pakistan is enchanted by wild and sublime mountains of Hindukush and Karakoram. Karakoram Highway connecting Pakistan with China and reaching an altitude of 4700 m was built on the former silk road on which Marco Polo once travelled.

Karakoram Highway is cyclist's dream.   

Wild nature along the Karakoram Highway
near the chinese border.

Karakoram Highway near Sost.


A glacier near Pasu reaches nearly to the road.

Karakoram Highway near Gulmit.

Suspension bridge at Gulmit.

Hunza valley is the tourist centre of the
Karakoram region.

Ismaili Muslim in Karimabad.

The fort in Karimabad dating from the 13th
century was the residence of local rulers.

In the valley of Gilgit river.

In the valley of Gilgit river.

In the valley of Gilgit river.

Ismaili Muslim women wear
traditional costumes.

Mountains of in Hindukush.

Langar valley in Hindukush in the altitude of
3300m is a good place to pitch a tent.

Mosque in Chitral, in the background Tirich Mir
(7690m) on the afghan border.

Kalash people living near Chitral are an ancient
nation with polytheistic religion. Women including
small girls wear a colourful traditional costume.

Kalash people.

Street in Peshawar.

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